Hi my names Nina, I created Partylogical after discovering a need for ecological party supplies…parties create a lot of waste, so I figured there had to be a way to reduce it. Waste is inevitable, we all lead busy lives but if we all can make little changes to reduce our waste then a little becomes a lot…

Our party supplies give you an easy way to have a hassle free, sustainable and beautiful party. ReduceReuseRecycle x

What People Say

Partylogical provided ‘Princesses & Superheroes’ party supplies for our daughters 6th birthday, the supplies were amazing quality and it was amazing not to have bin bags full of rubbish afterwards. Will definitely be using them for the next party!

A. Jones

A big thank you to Nina for enabling my daughters party to run smoothly and for helping make the set up so pretty! Plus guilt free from no rubbish and no washing up (what a bonus)! The beautiful handmade bunting napkins and table cloths completely made the party setting. We we’re delighted, many thanks again. x

K. Woodward

Partylogical party supplies were beautiful, sustainable cost effective and a hit with the kids! It was great knowing I wasn’t going to fill bags of waste and the party looked so much better with the qualities of all that was supplied. I couldn’t recommend Partylogical enough and will be using them for all my parties!

S. Lanyon

Fancy zero waste, beautiful and hassle free partywear, then….

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